M2 PV Module

M2 pv modules, using 156.75 x156.75 mm mono and poly-crystalline cells, products are divided into 60 and 72 packages, product customization includes all black, power levels are divided into 275-295w for 60 pieces and 320-340w for 72 pieces of poly pv modules. And the mono pv module 290-310w for 60 pieces and 355-375w for 72 pieces. The product has the characteristics of the anti-hot spot, better power generation performance and reliability.

The mono and poly-crystalline pv modules, with 60 pieces and 72 pieces respectively, adopt precision packaging, anti-PID guarantee, front static load 5400 Pa, back static load 2400 Pa, product line quality assurance 25 years, producing material and process quality assurance 12 years, the line length can be customized, and the product has passed TUV/PV CYCLE/CE/CQC/CSI/ISO certification.

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