G1 PV Module

G1 pv modules, using 158.75 x 158.75mm monocrystalline cells, product customization includes all black pv modules. The power level is divided into 325-345w and 390-415w pv modules. The product has the characteristics of the anti-hot spot, better power generation performance and reliability.

This series of pv modules has two models of 120 pieces and 144 pieces. It adopts monocrystalline multiple busbars half-cut technology for precision packaging, anti-PID guarantee, front static load 5400 Pa, back static load 2400 Pa, product line warranty for 25 years, 12-year warranties for product materials and workmanship, and the length of the line can be customized. The product has passed TUV/PV CYCLE/CE/CQC/CSI/ISO certification.

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